Our vision, mission and values

  • Vision

    To be an instrument of hope in our community

  • Mission

    Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world by applying the principles of God's Word.

  • Values

    • Passionate Worship:  Worship in ways that celebrate the greatness of God, encounter the presence of His Holy Spirit, and invite us all to know and live like Jesus.
    • Radical Hospitality: Welcoming everyone with generous hospitality that expresses the boundless love of Jesus.
    • Intentional Discipleship:  Equipping people with the experiences and skills they need to live a Christ-centered life.
    • Salty Service:  Sending people to share the love of Jesus in our neighborhoods, our cities, and throughout the world.
    • Extravagant Generosity:  Giving generously of our time, talent, and financial resources a joyful expression of our gratitude.