• lent Study

    On the third day, he rose again.

    In The Third Day: Living the Resurrection, Tom Berlin uses his gifts of storytelling and understanding the Scriptures to connect the reader to the experiences of several individuals around Jesus in his final days, focusing on new life and redemption rather than loss.

    Join Peter, Mary Magdalene, and Thomas as they feel the despair of losing Jesus and the surprise and joy that awaits them in the resurrection. This study traces events around these characters, along with Paul and the disciples at Emmaus, and how the resurrection transforms their lives.

    6 Week Study
    Starts Sunday, February 18
    11:30 AM (following worship)

  • Sojourners class - adult Sunday school

    Covenant Class meets 9-10 AM Sunday mornings in the Youth Room. 

    Teachers: Tracy Johnston and Clete Hansen

  • Peace Seekers

    Adult Class meets 9-10 AM in Room 33.

    Teacher: Woody Hale

  • Upper Room - Scripture Study and Discussion

    Adult Class meets Wednesdays 10:30 to 11:30 AM in the Church Campus Courtyard Gazebo

    Facilitator: Ann Springer