life groups

In these uncertain times, we need to reconnect with our deepest roots and the hunger that draws us back to the table of grace. Only together can we best experience the Kingdom of God .

In our culture we are prone to division. But Jesus has given us a gift in coming together for community to help us experience and focus on what is truly important and what binds us together. 

Life Groups form twice a year, January and August. Check out the Church Center App for a list of groups and availability. 

How does it work?

Groups of 6 to 12 persons will gather weekly in various places and times to experience connection with one another and explore the transformative gift of holy communion in the United Methodist tradition. 

Whether in a home, restaurant or room on the church campus, the purpose is to do life together for nine weeks over the summer. While learning about Jesus' presence in communion groups members will also learn about one another and experience the deep fellowship connection between one another which is at the center of communion. 

See the list of existing groups below to find one that fits your schedule. If you would like to facilitate a group, contact us and we can help get you started. 

Select your preferred group and then click the link to join the group. It is helpful to have the Church Center App which is the hub for our small group system. This App will allow you to receive updates from your group, communicate with one another, gain access to resources and see meeting schedule and location. In addition, the Church Center App has many other features to help you connect with TTUMC and all of its programming and services.

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