Pandemic Precautions...What to Expect

  • what to wear

    Come as you are.  There is no dress code.  You are invited to dress however you want that expresses how you feel comfortable - whether you'd prefer to be casual or not.  You'll encounter people wearing different attire from suits to shorts, dresses to jeans and cultural clothing from different parts of the world.  

  • parking

    There is a paved parking lot at the center of the church campus that is accessible from both Busch Blvd. and Temple Heights Rd.  There are multiple handicap spaces and additional spaces reserved for those with mobility difficulty.  If you will be utilizing the nursery, use the spaces closest to the playground and building 400.  

  • entrance

    The entrance to the sanctuary is located at the north end of the courtyard.  Proceed from the parking lot, through the courtyard to the double glass doors.  There will be people stationed along the way to greet and direct you.  

  • connection center

    The "Connection Center" is located just outside the entrance to worship. Here you will find coffee and other beverages.  It is also the place for sign-ups, printed information and where you can ask questions of the hospitality/connection team members.  

  • children & teens

    On Sundays, we worship together as a family.  We believe that children learn best from their parents and those around them how to worship.  Children and teens are enthusiastically welcome in worship and have a lot to offer. There are activity bags available should anyone, including kids, need tools that help them participate in a group setting.  The worship expressions are very interactive and invite participation from all.  Mid-service there is a moment designed specially for children where the gospel message is presented in ways specifically relevant to children.

  • let us know you plan to be our guest

    If you would like to connect with someone to help you through your initial visit, please complete this form and someone from the church welcome team will contact you and arrange a way to greet you.