opportunities to serve

  • special event

    Hot dogs, cheering, posters, welcome and more.

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  • weekly opportunity

    The closet is housed on the church campus and operates at varied hours. There are numerous opportunities to serve that fit a variety of skill sets. If you want to support foster families, this could be for you.

    Contact Danyelle.

  • developing program

    Supporting foster families and others in our community by offering a night out while church volunteers provide programming using the 252 Basics curriculum. This is a great way to share the love Jesus by giving parents' a break and kids knowledge about God.  Contact us for information.

  • Worship technology

    Sound, lighting, cameras, video, livestream, projection, directing, producing...if you like it "behind the scenes" then this may be a great fit for you. 

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  • Hospitality

    Greet persons as they arrive on campus, help guests find connection, usher, direct parking, and other duties that welcome all.

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  • campus development

    The campus is an important tool that houses ministry. We service our grounds and building through volunteers. There are opportunities for general help and specialized skills.

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  • Music

    Proficient with an instrument or as a vocalist? Join the worship band and help lead God's people in worship on campus and online.

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  • Prayer team

    The prayer team receives requests and concerns from the congregation and shares them through email. Team members commit to pray for the concerns daily, inviting God' intervention and care.

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  • visiting the sick and homebound

    The work of compassion is vital to the life of the congregation. This team visits hospitals, nursing homes and members that are permanently or temporarily homebound. Phone calls and cards of encouragement are also part of this important expression of God's love.

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