Break away from your worries and fears, and learn to live with courage and hope.

Adam Hamilton explores the worries and fears most of us experience. Learn to identify fears and discover practical steps for overcoming them... all in the light of scripture and a faith that promises again and again that we can live with courage and hope.

Community groups

  • wednesday night dinners

    The sign says it all...FOOD, FAMILY, FELLOWSHIP, FRIENDS and FUN.  Wednesday Night Dinners are about deepen our connections with one another in a relaxed atmosphere around the table.  There are opportunities following dinner for Community Groups, Studies and Special Events.  Check the calendar for this week's activities.  

  • thursday friends

    Meeting in one another's home adds an extra dimension of connection and hospitality. Groups meet in multiple locations.  Contact us to open a discussion of what group location might work best for you.

  • United Methodist women

    The entire program and organization of United Methodist Women focuses on mission. Our mission initiatives include:

    • Providing opportunities to grow spiritually
    • Equipping women & girls to be leaders
    • Providing transformative educational experiences
    • Organizing for growth & flexibility
    • Working for justice through service & advocacy
    Meeting times and location vary.  Contact us to talk about what might work for you.