worship & groups

Monday nights from 7 to 8:30 pm on the TTUMC campus.

Adults in their twenty’s face tremendous amounts of change as they navigate these formative years. There is a hunger for a supportive Christian community that specifically addresses the life events experienced during this decade of growth. This intentional gathering is built specifically for this life stage. We talk about how to navigate education, full time work, career choices, friendships, dating and marriage relationships, starting a family, leaving home, financial independence, politics, how to make a positive difference, owning my faith and more. 

Be part of a United Methodist community specifically focused on young adult life and faith while remaining grounded in one’s home church. This community provides worship, relevant teaching and discussion about the things that matter to young adults. We build life skills and create a framework for navigating the 20’s as a person of faith. There are opportunities to explore leadership and service while establishing strong relationships, taking advantage of our United Methodist Connection to empower this generation to lead our congregations now and in the decades to come.