What’s in a name?

The church has gone through several changes in the last two years and is looking to best communicate how our church is evolving to meet the needs of the community. You are invited to participate in the name change process for Temple Terrace United Methodist Church that better connects with our immediate community.


We recently went through a visioning process with Church Council. The product from the months long process is captured in the new church tag line: “Connection. Opportunity. Hope.”

A constant theme in conversations about church identity has been a desire to be in ministry with the community surrounding the church campus. This desire fueled the work to form community partnerships, bring community events to the campus, and establish new relationships with community members outside of church membership. There is a wave of energy the Holy Spirit is providing as we discern our unique ministry with our community.  

Change just for the sake of change is never a good idea. But change can be refreshing, exciting and open organizations to new opportunities. 

As an organization, it is important that people understand who we are and what we have to offer. The current brand of the church is not accomplishing this task. There is negative history in the community, a lack of impact, stagnancy and irrelevance. It is time to make changes that will bring awareness of the revitalized mission of this local church and set a trajectory for growth.

Rebranding is a marketing strategy that involves changing a company's corporate image or organization by developing a new name, symbol, logo, and related visual assets like marketing materials. The goal of rebranding is to create a new and differentiated brand identity in the minds of consumers, investors, prospects, competitors, employees, and the general public.

In reviewing a list of reasons to rebrand, where any one is enough to require the effort, our organization meets four of the five. It is definitely the right time for us to rebrand.

Critical to this effort is the name of a church. The name is an ambassador that helps communicate the overall brand of the church (what our church does, how it does it, and with whom).

Check out how the process will work.


Mission: To make new disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. 

Vision: Breaking the cycle of poverty through connection, by opportunity, in hope. 

Tag line: Connection. Opportunity. Hope.

Consider these questions:

  • What does our church do?
  • What does our church stand for?
  • How is this church different from other churches in the area?
  • What is our brand’s personality? (Quirky, Solemn, Formal, Playful, Aggressive, Warm)
  • What is our unique value proposition? (All people should have the opportunities to find spiritual, emotional and financial peace)
  • Make sure the new name is easy to pronounce and spell.

Here are some strategies that might help you generate ideas:

  • Pray for God’s leading.
  • What scriptures do you think illustrate or speak to the vision and tag line?
  • Say yes to every idea.
  • Write down words that you think describe who the church wants to be in the community.
  • Think of images that illustrate the church’s ministry and identity…what words/names capture one or more of those images.

The name will point to an overall branding strategy, it doesn’t have to say it all on its own.

Ready to help narrow suggestions to the top 7?